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Unlock the Power of Your Data

From data ingestion to real-time dashboards, the Vellum platform streamlines your insurance analytics so you can focus on profitability.

Our Platform

Empower Your Decision Making

From data ingestion to real-time dashboards, the Vellum platform streamlines your insurance analytics so you can focus on profitability.


Analytics You Can Trust

Insurance specific analytics and dashboards built off of data you can trust.

Real-Time Monitoring

Customizable portfolio monitoring to ensure your performance is as expected.

One Click Reporting

Easy drag and drop tools allow you to build ad hoc and recurring reports for internal and external stakeholders.

Connectivity with Stakeholders

Build trust with risk partners through portal access to relevant analytics and data.

Effortlessly Ingest Bordereau Data

Validate and standardize your incoming bordereau data into a single source of truth.

Ensure Data Accuracy

Apply hundreds of customizable data validations to ensure completeness and accuracy of data.

Enrich Your Data

Deepen your understanding of your portfolio by connecting with third-party data sources.

Integrate with Your Infrastructure

Vellum integrates seamlessly into your existing data architecture and technology stack.

Unlock the Power of Your Data Today

See how the Vellum platform can support your business.

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Our Platform

Solutions Built
for the Insurance Industry

We don’t just solve for one stakeholder.

With decades of experience in the insurance and technology industry, we deeply understand the problem, offering holistic software solutions with modern tooling and industry-leading analytics.

For Carriers and Reinsurers

We empower the (re)insurance industry to cover tomorrow's risks. Our platform harnesses AI to help insurers unlock their data, identify trends, and proactively manage risks that are impossible to see across a sea of spreadsheets and PDFs.

For Insurance Operations

We created a solution that integrates seamlessly into your systems. Our platform streamlines data ingestion and management, enhancing analytics and financial reporting capabilities while reducing operational costs and headaches.

For MGAs and Insurtechs

We create data-ready analytics for emerging insurance companies. Our platform delivers ready-to-use insurance tools and robust reporting capabilities that streamline operations, enable better pattern collaboration, and provide robust reporting.

Let Vellum Do Most of the Work

Vellum manages your data and analytics processes end-to-end, so you can focus on decision making.

Seamless Implementation

The Vellum platform integrates into your existing technology and data architecture, ensuring your validated, aggregated data is available where you need it.

Measure Risk in Real Time

Vellum ingests and aggregates data near-instantaneously, allowing you to react to emerging exposures before it is too late.

Elevate Your Strategy

Vellum allows you to build and invest in innovative growth opportunities with confidence, ensuring you can measure and manage performance effectively.

Keep Your Data Secure

Compliant controls, strong governance, and rigorous implementation of security best practices.