Built for insurance
powered by AI

A data and analytics platform built specifically for the insurance and reinsurance industry.

Transform your relationship with your data

From an operational headache to a source of competitive edge.

Increase Profitability

Drive better decision making through a deeper, more real time understanding of your portfolio.

Continuously monitor aggregate, line of business, or specific program or treaty performance.

Apply proprietary analytical tools powered by machine learning and AI.

Expand Opportunities

Enter new verticals with confidence leveraging proactive and customizable monitoring tools.

Increase growth by more efficiently underwriting and managing your portfolio.

Deepen relationships with risk partners through best-in-class transparency and reporting.

Transform Operations

Seamlessly ingest, validate and standardize data across your portfolio leveraging automation.

Easily integrate new, innovative data fields to reporting rather than be constrained by outdated templates.

Quickly understand your performance through portfolio, line of business and opportunity specific dashboards.

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