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Our Mission

Power the (Re)insurance Industry to Cover the Risks of Tomorrow

Our Vision of the Future

Insurance and reinsurance are critical to our global economy. However, in our landscape of evolving risks, the accelerating pace of change makes it challenging for the industry to keep up.

The industry is asked to take leaps of faith on new ideas and new leaders, but messy data, bespoke processes, and emerging risks are causing those leaps to be met with large losses and volatility.

With Vellum, insurers and reinsurers can confidently help protect against the risks of tomorrow.

Our Approach

Vellum leverages AI to take data from inboxes to insights

The platform first ingests, standardizes and aggregates data, allowing insurance professionals to spend more analyzing and less time wrangling spreadsheets.

We then provide out of the box and customizable analytics that measure risk in real time, identify changes and trends, and allow our clients to take proactive steps to control the risk within their portfolio.

Backed by Leading Investors

Our Values


We strive for excellence as we build tools to unlock innovative solutions for emerging risks impacting the world. Determined, eager, and focused – complexity doesn’t deter us.


We bring our authentic selves to work. Not distracted by pretense, ego, or hierarchy, we debate with empathy and understanding as we push for the best possible solutions.

Targeted Curiosity

We ask the tough questions, seek answers, and continually expand our knowledge. Whether through successes or failures, we desire to learn, explore, and discover.

Founding Team

John Cappiello
Julianna Muir
Paul Toomath
Head of Product and Operations